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Sohn Grayson Rating Scale for Aspergers Syndrome and HighFunctioning Pervasive Developmental Disorder Students Name: Evaluator: Birth date: Date of Evaluation: Diagnosis: Current Placement: Score:
June 17, 2015
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Dr. Brenda Smith miles his chief of programs for the Autism Society she has made over 500 presentations across the world written over 150 articles and books on autism and Asperger syndrome and is on the Executive Board of several organizations she is also one of the authors of the Asperger syndrome diagnostic scale also known as the ASD s the ASD s is a rating scale that can help to determine whether an individual has Asperger's syndrome hi my name is Brenda Smith miles I am chief of programs for the Autism Society and I'm here to discuss the Asperger syndrome diagnostic scale that I developed along with Stacy Jones Bach and Richard L Simpson the ASD s was developed using DSM four criteria World Health Organization criteria a review of all literature meaning all research articles on Asperger's syndrome also it was developed using hands Asperger's original criteria the ASD s was further validated by two large scale studies conducted at the University of Kansas by my graduate students and I when the scale was developed it was normed with approximately 250 children and youth these individuals had autism Asperger syndrome behavior disorders attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and learning disabilities we wanted to be able to differentiate Asperger syndrome from other exceptionalities the scale is for individuals from ages 5 to 18 and contains 50 items the items are rated as either observed or not observed they fall in the following categories language social behavior cognition and sensory motor the ASD s yields a score called the sq or the Asperger syndrome quotient the language subscale contains items for example such as talk successively about favorite topics that hold limited interest for others uses words or phrases repetitive does not understand subtle jokes or interprets conversations literally the social subscale contains many items including the individual prefers to be in the company of adults than peers has fewer no friends in spite of wanting to have them has little or no ability to make or keep friends and does not respect personal space the behavior subscale called the maladaptive subscale has items such as the individual becomes anxious when unscheduled events occur the individual displays behaviors that are immature or similar to those of a much younger child the individual has behaviors that don't match the environment and engaging in behavior related to special interests in addition cognition is addressed such as the individual learns best when pictures or written words are used the individual has average to above-average intelligence he or she is aware that he or she is different from others superior knowledge in an area of special interest he or she is over sensitive to criticism lacks organizational skills and has challenges with common sense the sensory motor subscale has items that relate to displaying an unusual reaction to loud noises pulling away when hugged over reacting to smells that others may not be aware of the...